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Pom Machining

ETCN is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and complete services for Pom products and the most cost-effective sourcing solutions.

What is POM Plastic

♦ Polyoxymethylene (POM) is an engineering thermoplastic with a high melting point and moderate stiffness. It has a low coefficient of friction and is highly resistant to wear and abrasion. The material can be used with standard machining techniques and is often used for precision parts requiring strength, toughness, and dimensional stability.

♦ POM is typically used in the automotive industry, where it can be found in steering wheels, gearshift knobs, instrument clusters, pedals, and other interior trim pieces. It’s also used in medical devices such as catheters due to its ability to withstand sterilization.

The main advantages of POM are:

* High strength-to-weight ratio;

* High stiffness;

* Good dimensional stability;

* Excellent impact resistance;

POM plastic for cnc

POM CNC Machining Services – Precision CNC Machined POM Parts Manufacturer

Precision CNC Machined POM Parts Manufacturer

ETCN specializes in machining POM material and manufacturing high-quality parts. We can deliver any POM part with lower costs and shorter lead times. With our state-of-the-art CNC machines and equipment, we can work with different grades of POM plastics to machine intricate, precise turning, drilling, milling, and other machining parts.

We have 3/4/5 axis machining capabilities for your various purposes and needs of Delrin parts production.

Our experience allows us to handle complex CNC machining projects while maintaining high precision, premium accuracy, flexibility, and consistency.

If you are considering using POM material to make your required CNC products, please feel free to contact us online to talk about more details or fill out the inquiry form on our website so that we can assist you in completing your project successfully.

Why Choose ETCN CNC POM Machining Service?

  • 1. We provide a one-stop service for all kinds of processing.
  • 2. We have professional engineers with rich experience in this field
  • 3. We have advanced equipment and perfect testing equipment to ensure product quality
  • 4. We provide OEM/ODM service according to customer’s request
Why Choose ETCN CNC POM Machining Service
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