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Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

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Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

The condition of maintaining the turning milling machine tool is very important. If you let the maintenance condition collapse, the tool life will be greatly reduced, affecting the accuracy of turned products, so it is better to make good maintenance for turning milling compound CNC machine tool.

CNC Machine
CNC Machine

Instructions for use and maintenance of ball screw of turn-milling compound machine tool

1. The thread and ball screw of the compound machine tool should be regularly cleaned, and the rust should be removed with a brush or gunpowder. If there are thick layers of rust on the threads, they should be polished with a file.

2. After cleaning up the rust, the ball screw and thread should be lubricated with lithium grease (or other lubricating oil) to prevent future oxidation due to friction.

3. After lubrication, you can use a small brush to wipe away excess grease from the surface of the thread and ball screw.

4. To ensure that the gearbox does not suffer from overload due to abnormal operating conditions or abnormal maintenance circumstances, it is necessary to check whether there are abnormal noises during running, abnormal movements, or abnormal sounds during overturning. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately and eliminate its cause.

Maintenance instructions for the motor of the turn-milling compound machine tool

1. The motor should be checked regularly for overheating and vibration during operation. If the temperature is higher than normal, it should be stopped immediately.

2. The cooling fan should be cleaned regularly to ensure effective cooling and cleanliness.

3. When turning off the power, wait until the spindle stops rotating before turning off the power supply switch. If necessary, turn off the tool and then the power supply switch.

4. Do not operate the machine in a corrosive atmosphere or when there is explosive gas in the air (such as chlorine). This may cause electric shock or fire accidents due to damage to the insulation performance of electrical components of motors and other electrical equipment on site!

CNC Machine
CNC Machine

Maintenance instructions for a spindle of turn-milling compound machine tool

Checking the spindle bearings:

Check the clearance between the spindle shaft and the bearings by inserting a feeler gauge. If the clearance is less than 0.025 mm (0.001 in), replace both bearings. Check the bearing clearance at each end of the spindle shaft; do not use any grease when checking this clearance. If there is any wear on the surface of either bearing, replace it with a new one immediately.

Replacing a faulty bearing:

Remove the old bearing by removing its retaining bolts and seals with an oil seal remover and extractor tool. After replacing both bearings, check them for their clearance as described above.

Replacing a damaged or worn-out spindle shaft:

First, remove all parts from around the spindle shaft, including gears, pulleys, and other accessories that are attached to it or located near it; then remove all components from around its circumference by using an air hammer or chisel hammer, etc., finally taking out its bolts using an appropriate spanner for each bolt type used on your machine (see figure below). After removing these components


Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring CNC machines’ safe and uninterrupted production. The maintenance work must be carried out according to the correct sequence, and this article will introduce how to deal with the maintenance of turning-milling compound CNC machine tools. It has been widely used in automobile and motorcycle manufacturing and other industries. Hence, we hope that the operators can learn more about the maintenance knowledge of their machines. In addition, our company products include both manual and CNC lathes, be sure that you pay attention to each step when applying for commissioning work!


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