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Machining Design

Check out our huge selection of cnc machining and metalworking products that are sure to fit every budget and provide you with everything you need to successfully complete your next project.

Authoritative GuideSurface Treatment

Authoritative Guide: Surface Treatment

Plating process: electroplating, pre-plating treatment, post-plating treatmentPlating: chromium plating, cadmium plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, copper plating, tin plating, silver plating, nickel-iron alloy platingDepending on the method used, surface treatment techniques can be divided into the following categories. 1. Electrochemical method This method uses electrode reaction to form a coating on the surface of the …

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Machining Design

General Design Recommendations for Machined Parts

Many customers have questions concerning general design recommendations for machined parts to the machine because no one has given them some answers to their questions before. So, we’ve collected a list of the best recommendations and tips centering around simple and quick machining strategy and practical application. We hope this selection will be handy for …

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CNC machining

How to design parts for CNC machining?

Here at ETCN, we provide machine shops with a huge selection of metals and machine parts designed for CNC machining. If you are new to CNC machining, or you’re simply looking for better ways to design your parts than you have in the past, I’ve got some useful information for you.

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