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Cnc Lathing

A CNC Lathe is a machine used for cutting, moving and shaping material by means of machining. The term usually refers to a lathe that works on feeds and speeds in metric units such as mm, m/min or rpm.

CNC technical drawing

What Should a CNC Technical Drawing Include?

You will want to include various things when creating a CNC technical drawing. For example, you can include the Isometric, Section, Dimensioned, and Notes to the manufacturer. This will help the machinist knows what to do and what not to do. These elements ensure that the CNC machined part is made to spec.

CNC Machine For Auto Parts

Buying a CNC Machine For Auto Parts

When buying a CNC machine for auto parts, you should always choose a manufacturer with a good reputation. These manufacturers can provide you with high-quality auto parts at an affordable rate. Purchasing these parts will help you maintain the quality of your car’s engine. These manufacturers can use CAD/CAM software to create your designs. Also, they can offer you high-fidelity components.

CNC Milling Magnesium

Is magnesium difficult to machine?

Magnesium is a great metal. It’s lightweight, strong, ductile, corrosion-resistant, and weldable. However, it does have one drawback – it can be difficult to machine. Is magnesium as easy to machine as aluminum? No! Unlike other metals, like aluminum and steel, that can be easily cut in any machine shop with a variety of techniques and tools (welding, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, etc.), machining magnesium requires special equipment (mill) to tackle the intense heat that is produced when machining this material.

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