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August 2022

CNC Machining

How to Select a Good CNC Machining Manufacturer?

While it is possible to select a good CNC machining manufacturer on your own, with the help of a few best practices, you can greatly improve your chances of success. Is it hard to find a machinery and tooling provider in China? Yes, it is a challenge indeed. The Chinese market offers so many options for seekers who need high-quality machinery. Still, it is overwhelming for those who don’t have time to do comprehensive product research or do not know what Chinese suppliers can provide.

CNC Machining

How to Find a Good CNC Machining Supplier in China

Finding a good CNC machining supplier in China is no easy task, especially when you’re just getting started or your requirements are vague. In this article, I’ll provide some context and help you understand why finding a good CNC machining company can help you succeed in business.

Improving thin-walled parts made by CNC Turning

Turning a small diameter hole inside a thin-walled part is best done with a spiral toolpath rather than a conventional straight axis toolpath. Spiral toolpaths use tighter paths to perform the cutting, causing less stress and chatter on the tool and allowing higher feed rates, resulting in a better finish. Additionally, the chip can be “caught” by the cutter’s rake face more effectively, meaning clogging is less likely. The result of all this is an improved surface finish and less tool wear.

3d Printing

How to Realize Temperature & Humidity Monitoring and Control in 3D Printer

3D printers are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, but using the machines remains a complex process. For example, most hobbyists will find it challenging to keep their 3D printers free from humidity and at the ideal temperature. Many might also struggle to comprehend if their filament requires a certain temperature or humidity level before printing. Considering that printer last longer when used at proper temperatures and humidities, 3D printers can enjoy greater control of their devices by using temperature and humidity monitoring and control equipment in the first place. Well, here’s how you can realize temperature and humidity monitoring and control in 3D printing to raise the life span of your device.

CNC Grinding

Grinding Fundamentals Guide: How To Achieve A Better Service Finish On The Machine

Are you curious about how to improve the machine’s service after grinding? Do you want to know how to eliminate flash during your grinding processes? When cutting your parts for the end user, are you trying to improve your production output or overall efficiency? There are some specific methods and techniques that can be taken into consideration that can help refine the machine, improve production output and meet the needs of the end user.

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